The Lovely Lunch


On Saturday, I was able to go to The Lovely Lunch hosted by Jacque of Looks for Lovelies and sponsored by Cents of Style.  I went with my friends Alyssa and Angie.  Angie and I have blogs, Alyssa is thinking of starting her own, and we’re all making strides toward starting a collaborative blog with a few other friends, so this was a perfect event for us to go to {plus goodies from Cents of Style are hard to resist}.

The lunch was at Cafe Trio, which if you haven’t been there you need to get your booty over there – so good!  I was a little late, per usual these days, but everything got started with some socializing and networking.  I cannot figure out how to be a better networker, I am painfully shy when it comes to stuff like that {if anyone has any tips throw them out in the comments – for real}.  But luckily I was there with two of my BFFs so we worked as a group and met quite a few new people.

It was so great to hear from Courtney Brown, founder and CEO of Cents of Style.  I think when you’re thinking about starting a creative business or blog it can be difficult because it can feel like everything to be said has been said or someone is already doing or selling what you want to do or sell.  Courtney entered the online world with Cents of Style and it wasn’t a success right away, but she took some advice from her father and worked hard, made good choices, and had fun.  Cents of Style has doubled their revenue every year since that first year online when they lost money.


Her talk also reminded me of something that I’d heard from Kat Lee of How They Blog, just because someone has said something before doesn’t me that you can’t say something similar.  Kat always says that you have to remember that your voice is unique and we haven’t heard it from you!

We also heard from some of the bloggers that were able to go to Alt Summit, about their biggest insights.  Natashia from The Mumsy Blog talked about Instagram, she had so many great insights from the speakers {out of respect for those who attended the Lovely Lunch and the Alt Conference I am not going to go into specifics}.  Sandy Chang from Sandy a la Mode, talked about monetizing your blog and approaching brands – also something this girl wants to know about!  There were also treats from The Fix – cookies, that were SO yummy!

I can’t wait for the next blogger event we go to – do you have a favorite blog event that you would recommend?


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