The Lovely Lunch


On Saturday, I was able to go to The Lovely Lunch hosted by Jacque of Looks for Lovelies and sponsored by Cents of Style.  I went with my friends Alyssa and Angie.  Angie and I have blogs, Alyssa is thinking of starting her own, and we’re all making strides toward starting a collaborative blog with a few other friends, so this was a perfect event for us to go to {plus goodies from Cents of Style are hard to resist}.

The lunch was at Cafe Trio, which if you haven’t been there you need to get your booty over there – so good!  I was a little late, per usual these days, but everything got started with some socializing and networking.  I cannot figure out how to be a better networker, I am painfully shy when it comes to stuff like that {if anyone has any tips throw them out in the comments – for real}.  But luckily I was there with two of my BFFs so we worked as a group and met quite a few new people.

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Dear Motivation, where are you?

Happy Monday Friends!

Let’s talk about motivation shall we?  If y’all are anything like me your motivation {for anything} is really high when you first start a project and then it tends to wane as the project lags on.  I have been on a self transformation project for about 4 years now.  To read more about the journey until now check out these posts here and here.

Recently, my motivation has been driven by half marathon training.  I’ve run 6 half marathons in the past 3 years – 3 of those being in 2014.  After my last race in October, which I ran on a sprained ankle, I felt burnt out.  That feeling hasn’t gone away…  so I need to find some sort of new motivation for workout out and staying healthy.

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