Top 10 #hesootd Posts!

I started posted pictures of my outfits on Instagram {go follow me @hales5} mostly for fun and just for something to post, but then my sweet friend Katie of Honeysuckle Shoes told me how much she loved my style and wanted me to post more.  Y’all there is nothing like someone telling you that they love your style to make you want to really get dressed everyday in cute outfits.

Here are what I think are my top 10 outfits from 2014

IMG_0153 IMG_0644 IMG_1076 IMG_1350

IMG_1472 1509897_10104867274320063_9125726606901069642_n1379311_10104804364531783_8963412595192579718_n1505043_10104291849396223_1753081871433571105_n10435523_10104246155666823_5391499109529950796_n10710797_10104462197651953_4159793022085892799_n

What motivates you to put effort into your wardrobe?  What look do you like the best?


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