This Is Me!


Happy Friday Y’all!  I am not super great at introducing myself or my friends when we are meeting new people, so this shouldn’t really be surprising, I failed to really introduce myself!

Hi. I’m Haley.  I was born in Tupelo, Mississippi {Elvis is from Tupelo!}.  Fun fact, the day I was born {2.2.85}, there was a huge snowstorm in Northeast Mississippi, my grandpa still has snow from the day I was born in the freezer at his house.  I’ve lived in Mississippi, Utah, Colorado, Michigan, South Carolina, and Upstate New York.  Even though I have lived in so many states, and Utah for the majority of my life now, I am a Southern girl at heart.


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Skinny Vegetarian Slow Cooker Lasanga


This is the 15th post on this blog and the second that involves a recipe that can be made in the slow cooker…  That’s 13% of my posts that contain a slow cooker recipe – it’s safe to say its one of my favorite kitchen tools – other than my KitchenAid mixer – that thing is like gold to me!

This recipe I stumbled upon on Pinch of Yum through Pinterest and then I instantly fell in love with Lindsay and Bjork and their blog!  Their openness on their blog I think really goes to one of the points I made earlier this week – there is still space in the blog-o-sphere for people who have something to say.  I made some adjustments from Lindsey’s recipe, not many – here is my version of the slow cooker veggie lasagna.

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The Lovely Lunch


On Saturday, I was able to go to The Lovely Lunch hosted by Jacque of Looks for Lovelies and sponsored by Cents of Style.  I went with my friends Alyssa and Angie.  Angie and I have blogs, Alyssa is thinking of starting her own, and we’re all making strides toward starting a collaborative blog with a few other friends, so this was a perfect event for us to go to {plus goodies from Cents of Style are hard to resist}.

The lunch was at Cafe Trio, which if you haven’t been there you need to get your booty over there – so good!  I was a little late, per usual these days, but everything got started with some socializing and networking.  I cannot figure out how to be a better networker, I am painfully shy when it comes to stuff like that {if anyone has any tips throw them out in the comments – for real}.  But luckily I was there with two of my BFFs so we worked as a group and met quite a few new people.

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Top 10 #hesootd Posts!

I started posted pictures of my outfits on Instagram {go follow me @hales5} mostly for fun and just for something to post, but then my sweet friend Katie of Honeysuckle Shoes told me how much she loved my style and wanted me to post more.  Y’all there is nothing like someone telling you that they love your style to make you want to really get dressed everyday in cute outfits.

Here are what I think are my top 10 outfits from 2014

IMG_0153 IMG_0644 IMG_1076 IMG_1350

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Thoughts on Blessings

This is not what I was going to post today. As I was writing in my journal one night this week, I remembered a story that I felt like I needed to share.  I have been thinking quite a bit about blessings from God lately.  I feel terrible that I cannot remember where I read/heard this story.  I have been listening to so many podcasts and reading so many books lately that I can’t figure out where it came from {I did look through the books that I have read in the last month – I can’t find the reference anywhere}.

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Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala


There is an Indian restaurant here in Park City, Good Karma, they have the best food.  Ever since I had their Chicken Tikka Masala, I have been thinking about how I could make this yummy, smoky, slightly spicy dish at home.

The first step was this gem from Trader Joe’s:


It was remarkably good for a fancy version of a Lean Cuisine.

I knew I could do better so I started scouring Pinterest, of course.  I am in love with any recipe that can be made in the slow cooker, its like magic – you put all the ingredients in and then you come home from work and it’s done!  I came across this recipe from the Kitchn blog.  I made a few changes so without further ado, here’s my version.

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2015 Goal Setting – The PowerSheets


Half way to the weekend people!  You can do it!

Goal setting – two words that can strike fear into any human that wants to accomplish BIG things.  Y’all, I am a planner – I’ve been told several times, just in the last week, that I am the most organized person ever.  I, however, am not always a do-er.  I’ve had this blog for over 6 months and this is my 7th post.  I can schedule and plan all day long, but when it comes down to taking actual steps to make things happen, I get really scared.  Stepping out of my zone and pushing the limits, even if it is something that I desperately want, seems like the hardest thing ever.

Enter the PowerSheets – from the truly inspired and fantastic Lara Casey.

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The Influence Network and Singleness


Hey Y’all!

Recently, I joined the Influence Network – its a place for creative women, who are looking for an uplifting community where they can be encouraged and also resourced for their online lives.  The membership is only $10/month and I have already seen great things happen in my life from the resources membership has provided.  I don’t want this to sound like an infomercial, but seeing as I am not even a month into my membership and love it already, I needed to share!

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Dear Motivation, where are you?

Happy Monday Friends!

Let’s talk about motivation shall we?  If y’all are anything like me your motivation {for anything} is really high when you first start a project and then it tends to wane as the project lags on.  I have been on a self transformation project for about 4 years now.  To read more about the journey until now check out these posts here and here.

Recently, my motivation has been driven by half marathon training.  I’ve run 6 half marathons in the past 3 years – 3 of those being in 2014.  After my last race in October, which I ran on a sprained ankle, I felt burnt out.  That feeling hasn’t gone away…  so I need to find some sort of new motivation for workout out and staying healthy.

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