This Is Me!


Happy Friday Y’all!  I am not super great at introducing myself or my friends when we are meeting new people, so this shouldn’t really be surprising, I failed to really introduce myself!

Hi. I’m Haley.  I was born in Tupelo, Mississippi {Elvis is from Tupelo!}.  Fun fact, the day I was born {2.2.85}, there was a huge snowstorm in Northeast Mississippi, my grandpa still has snow from the day I was born in the freezer at his house.  I’ve lived in Mississippi, Utah, Colorado, Michigan, South Carolina, and Upstate New York.  Even though I have lived in so many states, and Utah for the majority of my life now, I am a Southern girl at heart.


I don’t really have an accent anymore, but give me about 3 days with my family, or my childhood best friend Sara Beth {she’s also here} and you’ll hear it.  I also have a very strong desire to monogram, everything.  My Southern roots are also where I get my love for handwritten notes, manners, and respect.


I graduated from the University of Michigan {GO BLUE!} and the University of Utah – SJ Quinney College of Law.  I have worked in Olympic sport, with different sports {speedskating, bobsled & skeleton, ski & snowboard}, for the last 6 years.  I also coach figure skating, the highlights of my week often come from the rink.  I teach group classes, private lessons, and the biggest blessing, synchronized skating.  I discovered synchro later in my skating career, at 15, and if I hadn’t I am not sure I would still be involved today.


I’m so grateful that I get to share my love of this team aspect of sport that so often is dominated by individualism.  Our teams work so incredibly hard, I cannot believe how far they have come in the three short years that we have had a synchro program in Park City.


Preliminary Team


Pre-Juvenile Team

Since we’re already doing introductions, I am going to take this opportunity to introduce a new series – Friday Favorites.  Each Friday I’ll have a new friend share five of their favorite things that help them live their lives the way they envisioned.  It’s only fitting that I go first!

Friday Favorites

Emily Ley Simplified Planner


I am obsessed with this planner, it goes everywhere I go with my color coded appointments keeping my day, week, and month on track.  I am a big proponent of writing things down, there’s something about that physical action that feels oddly comforting and productive.



I started listening to the Jillian Michaels Show a few years ago and slowly added a few to my subscriptions.  The best part is that they are free and there are so many topics that it would be really hard to find a podcast that didn’t interest you.  I listen at work, while I am cleaning and when there’s nothing I want to watch on TV.

 Currently in my “My Podcasts” section: Around the Table, Yoga Download {free 20 minute yoga sessions}, The Village Church Sermons, How They Blog, The Influence Network, Serial {anyone anxiously awaiting season 2?}, The TED Radio Hour from NPR, and The Jillian Michaels Show.

Amazon Prime


100% worth the annual fee!  If I cannot get something with free two day shipping, I don’t buy it.  I look for another seller that offers Prime shipping!  I also love that I can rent movies and watch tons of free titles on my smart TV or mobile device.

Lululemon Sweat Once a Day Bag and the Smitten Wet/Dry Bag

holiday-gift-guide-for-the-fashionable-fitness-freak-bag SMITTEN_WetTotes1

I got this Lulu bag for Christmas 2012, I have carried it nearly everyday since then.  The Smitten bag I got on BabySteals and I use it for my gym clothes.  I pack my gym clothes in the morning in the “dry” section and after my workout everything goes in the “wet” section and then right to the hamper when I get home at the end of the day.  The Smitten bag fits perfectly in laptop section of the Sweat Once a Day bag.

My Quiet Time

 il_570xN.726044686_h457download il_570xN.733088054_hrxz

Recently, I decided that I needed to get up earlier and really use the time that I have in the morning for more than just lounging around in bed before getting ready for work.  I started by reading Women of the Word in the mornings.  When I finished that I started the Wholeheartedly devotional and I also just ordered prayer journal from Val Marie Paper, because I felt the need to have somewhere to physically write down my prayers for myself and others.

Taking this time out of my day has really helped me to be focused on what matters and what doesn’t.  It starts my day off on a really positive note and keeps me there for the rest of the day {for the most part}.  It does mean that my alarm goes off between 5:15-5:30 most mornings, but its worth it.

There you go!  My Friday Favorites – stay tuned next week for more favorites from my great friends!


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