Dear Motivation, where are you?

Happy Monday Friends!

Let’s talk about motivation shall we?  If y’all are anything like me your motivation {for anything} is really high when you first start a project and then it tends to wane as the project lags on.  I have been on a self transformation project for about 4 years now.  To read more about the journey until now check out these posts here and here.

Recently, my motivation has been driven by half marathon training.  I’ve run 6 half marathons in the past 3 years – 3 of those being in 2014.  After my last race in October, which I ran on a sprained ankle, I felt burnt out.  That feeling hasn’t gone away…  so I need to find some sort of new motivation for workout out and staying healthy.


Enter the Work it Out 100 Challenge.  I haven’t had a problem working out 2-3 times per week but when you are trying to slim down, not maintain, that’s not enough.  To make working out a habit again I am going to workout 100 days straight.  Not everyday has to be super intense but there has to be some sort of activity every single day.  Today is going to be the hardest for me because it’s my longest day of the week – but I am going to make it happen!


One way I am going to keep myself accountable is posting a picture of my workouts on Instagram.  That way my followers can keep me accountable.  I’ll also post here when I’m at 25, 50, 75, and 100 days so that y’all can keep me accountable as well!


How do you stay motivated to keep living a healthy life?  Any tips or tricks?


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